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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 


tag the board if you want to know the address.

butterflykisses*3:20 PM

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

never actually knew how much i missed talking to charlotte till today.
three hours, slightly more. great fun.

butterflykisses*8:57 PM

Monday, September 25, 2006 

had a good talk with sj.
so many things to think about.
i think i need to sleep.
okay, maybe not.
can't make up my mind, it's in a mess!

butterflykisses*2:21 PM

Sunday, September 24, 2006 

skipped one dinner and my stomach's officially gone bonkers. wanted to go swimming but now i can't.
bowled with daryl and shiam on friday. my arm and wrist ached after that, how useless. anyway, andre came then they went to meet spencer.
yesterday, met shiam for a while before going out with seish. watched the banquet but it wasn't as good as i expected. quite disappointing if you ask me. thanks for the movie anyhow. the day went relatively well though the gastric pains at night were killing.
nutella this morning was yummm :D attended mass with seish and gary then gary, lucas & i had breakfast at hupseng. thanks for the breakfast, neighbour.we walked gary to his grandmother's place and here i am. somehow i feel like sleeping! crap.
shall update the other blog soon. bye ya'll!

butterflykisses*11:43 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006 

i'm supposed to be enjoying post prelims and i am but things could be better and its only because some stuff happened. so anyway, devil wears prada is a good show and yes i know it started showing a couple of months ago but i never had the chance to watch it.

oh before that, we had lunch at ajisen ramen.

walked to heerens. managed to get xinyi and jade's mum's birthday presents and her one year anniversary gift ((: there's this shop that sold all the plastic flowers and what have you, so yimin and jade decided to test their fashion skills by matching the flowers with my top or my hair and sorts. there, the photo above says it all. okay but that looks hilarious. haha. we were experimenting with the pull-out sofa in one of the neoprint machines at heerens too. oh yes, i forgot to add. yimin and i were quite shocked when we stepped into heerens. what a change! other than that, i guess we had some time to catch up too. all in all it was relatively good. can't wait for the gathering at xinyi's place next friday. great. finally all 6 of us are gonna be meeting up again. i miss the times in st nicks ):
wuyuan gave me a link to this anime cartoon video thing. quite funny actually. oh well. going to bowl later. not sure who's coming though. if i'm not wrong it's daryl, frois, shiam & lucas. lets see how it goes. haha cos i can't exactly bowl. oh well, we'll see!

butterflykisses*9:59 AM

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x 21st April 1988
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we have a certain kind of love,
a very special kind.
one that is deep from our hearts,
but always on our minds.

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